The return of Eddie Murphy will go beyond films Dolemite is My Name and Coming 2 America, by bringing him back to the stand-up stage. Another multi-faceted superstar, Jamie Foxx, is also looking to get back into his roots of stand up comedy.

Making a visit to The Ellen Show in promotion of his new film with Michael B. Jordan, Just Mercy, Foxx answered a question about he and Murphy touring together for stand-up, citing there was no truth to the rumor. While the tour doesn’t exist now, it could in the future.

“I would go on tour with Eddie! I want Eddie,” Foxx said. “I would love to go on tour with Eddie because I think, it’s our time. You haven’t heard from him in a minute and you haven’t heard from me. And I got it. I got some super-duper jokes and I’ve been working on my impersonations.”

For now, fans will be able to catch Foxx at small clubs as he wants to reach intimate crowds.

“There’s some storytelling. There’s some stories of the first time I met Kanye [West]. I got stories being on Django, things like that. So, I wanna take you on a little bit of an adventure,” Foxx shared.

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