It’s no secret that Nipsey Hussle was a book worm. He frequently name-dropped his go-to books in interviews and referenced them in his lyrics.

Following his shocking death, a fan named Simran Kaleka decided to compile a list of the books Nip mentioned throughout his interviews. It was no surprise when the list consisted of informative, self-empowering books.

Kaleka’s list went viral and inspired the launch of different Marathon Book Clubs.

The LA Times did a story on the Marathon Book Club which are based in Los Angeles, Oakland, New York, and Washington. There are over 70 members from different walks of life, including professors, bankers, executives, and entrepreneurs.

The list alone speaks volumes on Nipsey Hussle’s dedication to self-improvement, but more importantly, it’s proof of his positive impact on marginalized groups.

Have you ever read one of the books on this list?