DaBaby has had an extremely tough week.

However, he is not letting any of his legal woes hinder his entrepreneurial spirit. He went to Instagram to share with his fans that he is going to open and 24 hour Krispy Kreme Donut restaurant on N. Trayon.

Establishing a franchise can be a lucrative business.

US News & World Report teaches us that a franchise investment could offer a ready-made business model for business owners. Investing in a franchise, versus building a new business from scratch, is helpful because it also provides training, guidance, and support for the owners and staff.

For the last few years, thanks to President Obama setting the country’s economy back on track, franchises have enjoyed an extraordinary degree of success, growing faster than other start-up businesses. This is actually according to the International Franchise Association in a study taken in 2016.

This seems like the best time to invest some of that money that he uses as a make-believe cell phone. Also, perhaps if he focuses on a business, that might be less time for him and his folk to beat people up.