It seems like everything happens in divine timing. Meek Mill interviewed with Charlamagne Tha God around the death of Juice WRLD, and he was right on the vibe to give his own precautionary tale about addiction to Percocet pills.

The Philadelphia emcee was interviewing with the popular Breakfast Club host in an exclusive sit-down entitled, “Charlamagne Tha God and Meek Mill: A Conversation Between Champions” and Meek Mill opened up about his addiction to opioids.

While many will have you believe that this opioid crisis only affects white communities, all one has to do is listen to popular radio (or step outside of their buildings and eavesdrop of what the people are saying) and you will swiftly see that there is no discrimination with this high.

“The f*ck you gonna make good songs anymore if it is killing your brain cells at a higher rate. This ain’t like weed,” he schools rap’s resident mental health expert. “This a new epidemic. So we got to find out ten years from now, what it does to your body when you take them at a higher rate.”

Charlamagne engages him, “Did you have any scares when you were wilding out?”

Mill continues, “I never disclosed this before. I was taking 10 30s Percocets a day. You walking with death. You pop two in the morning, they gon’ wear off by four.”

Despite his candid honesty, his people in the back whispered the warning to him, believing he was revealing too much.

Charlamagne defends his choice by saying, “He is telling the truth and kids can learn from this.”

Meek bravely continued, “They need to know though. Because some of their favorite artists are popping 20 30s on the low about to die and no one is catering to what’s going on. I had to cater to myself and say ‘You popping ten Percs… you’ze a junkie n*gga.'”

“I ain’t come up like that. I had to make a decision with myself. You gon’ be a high pill popper or you gon’ be a millionaire bossed-up-type n*gga and they ain’t mix. I ain’t never seen a millionaire bossed-up pill popper in my life.”

What was his wake up call? Apparently the former street rapper now platinum rap star said it also was about his decision-making ability being hindered by the drugs.

“If you asked me about why I really came at Drake… I don’t even really, really f*cking know,” He laughs now reflecting. “Everybody be saying Nicki and shit… that wasn’t the case like that. They always had their relationship before me.”

“You were high…” Charlamagne chimes in.

“I know… ” Mill in disbelief admits.

That’s evidence of real grown man talk and maturation.

We got you Meek and appreciate you speaking out… and so happy about you getting off that.

For more of the interview, check below.