The NFL and Roc Nation have announced the first musical artist and song for the “Songs of the Season” initiative that is driven by Inspire Change.

All proceeds from streams of the songs will go toward supporting organizations that are committed to the three priority focuses of Inspire change – education and economic empowerment, police and community relations and criminal justice reform.

The first song is “What Would A Champion Do?” by SASH, a rising independent Hip-Hop artist from New York.

“To see ‘What Would a Champion Do?’ being used at the highest level is incredible, especially as an independent artist,” SASH said in a statement. “This entire song was made by just me and my little brother—that’s as independent as it gets, and I think it’s important to see independent artists reach this sort of platform. I’ve been inspired by music all my life, and the reason I make music is to inspire others. Having the opportunity through Inspire Change to give back to the community with my music is a really special thing.”

The song will be one of many that will be integrated into league promotions during the season. Each song will debut within an NFL broadcast and his streaming immediately after.

You can hear SASH’s “What Would a Champion Do?” below.