R. Kelly entered a guilty plea in his latest round of charges, but the troubles of his sexual assault cases are just not limited to him. His former manager, James Mason, has been indicted for threatening the father of Joycelyn Savage.

TMZ reveals Mason was charged with one felony county of making terroristic threats. He issued the thread to Timothy Savage, the father of 23-year-old Joycelyn Savage. During the court proceedings, Savage has been seen with R. Kelly and is believed to still live with him.

The threats were allegedly made during a phone call. Mason is believed to have said to Savage: “I’m gonna do harm to you and your family, when I see you I’m gonna get you, I’m going to fucking kill you.”

Mason was arrested in January after he surrendered toa warrant issued in August. He was released on $10,000 bond and is now facing up to 10 years behind bars.

“Today’s indictment of Henry James Mason, former manager of R. Kelly, further underscores the public accountability that victims and families are pressing on R Kelly and his team. The Savage family will not be bullied or threatened in their quest to reunite with Joycelyn. Let this be a message to all associates of Robert Sylvester Kelly that the Savages are serious about justice and accountability.” – Savage family attorney Gerald A. Griggs

Late last week, R. Kelly was charged with 11 additional felony counts of sexual assault charges. As they were announced, the charges were considered to be the most serious that he has faced. The charges could carry up to 30 years a piece if convicted. His not guilty plea was entered on Thursday (June 6).

The charges are related to the sexual abuse of Jerhonda Pace, which allegedly occurred in 2010. R. Kelly is due back in court on June 26.