If you thought taking over Le Louvre was impressive, it appears The Colosseum is the next location that a Beyoncé video will be shot. Queen Bey has submitted a request to take over the legendary venue for an upcoming venue.

The report comes from Italy’s Il Messgaro and states that the second submission for a work permit is being reviewed by the preservation commission of the building. The Colosseum is cherished for being the location that gladiators dueled out for supremacy in the peak of the Roman Empire.

The submission is being done for the second time after it was originally requested for July 7th and 8th when Bey and Jay-Z were near for the On the Run II tour dates but was currently booked, but it would have been too short of notice to be approved.

Beyoncé has filmed in the Colosseum once before when she tag teamed with Britney Spears and Pink for a Pepsi commercial.

There isn’t word if the venture would be for the second single for her and Hov from their Everything is Love album or if it could be something separately for the Queen herself. Recently, The Carters racked up a ton of Video Music Award nominations for their video “Apeshit.”