Queens get the money…

Queens representative and Lo Lifes pioneer Meyhem Lauren is the voice of Fox Sports’ FIFA World Cup coverage.

Even though he is known for the most rugged and raw rhymes alongside his common cohort and Outdoorsmen co-d Action Bronson, the Fly International Luxurious Art lyricist toned down his opulence to lend his larynx to Fox Sports as the voice for the excitement surrounding the international soccer games.

From the beginning of the highly anticipated tournament to currently in the semi-final stages, Meyhem’s voice can be heard exclusively on Fox Sports as the voice of the 2018 World Cup. When asked how he landed the gig, Lauren says, “Basically, I got the job out of nowhere. I’d like to thank good energy to keep it 100.”

Meyhem is currently working on a yet to be titled project with the legendary DJ Muggs as well as the new season of Fuck That’s Delicious with Action Bronson on Viceland, which premieres tonight.