Youtuber and comedian Nicole Arbour got the Black Congregation all the way fucked up after making the “White Women’s Edit” of Childish Gambino’s “This is America.”

This was just down right disrespectful because Becky took what is the best, most powerful music video of 2018 (to date), and turned it into some privileged satire.

When the video was sent to me, I saw the title and thought, ‘Interesting.’ But when I saw a white woman in the clip thumbnail and presumed that she will be in place as the narrator instead of the honorable Gambino, I immediately thought, ‘Get Out!’

I mean, Nicole gets an E for effort but she really tried it. To play Devil’s advocate, I understand the points that she’s trying to address which are just as important. She wanted to highlight “women’s experiences such as the shaming of mothers breast feeding, common place date rape drugging, the labels put on us of “prude or hoe,” pressures to create a family, workplace harassment, the glass ceiling, drug dependency, effects of social media on modern relationships and self, and included a nod to the cheerleaders who have come forward demanding at least min wage from the multi million dollar corporations they work for,” per the video’s Youtube description.

But you completely excluded the Black woman’s experience. Cheerleading? Really b*tch? What about mental health? The stereotype that we’re aggressive and ill-tempered? Or that we’re just big booty shaking hoes that belong in a rapper’s music video? And don’t forget the Latinas. The fact that society paints an image that they’re promiscuous and fiery. You completely left out Muslim women, Native American women, and everyone else who isn’t Becky with the good hair.

Of course, just like Gambino, Arbour can only express her truth and what she knows. But let’s just call it what it is then: The White woman’s edit, not a women’s edit, because there was barely any flavor in that video.

P.S. The dance moves were garbage. Check out the video below: