Silicone butts and sex dolls seem to be the latest craze to sweep across social media. Although, renditions of the male “main vein” have been readily available to women for years. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.

On the other hand, a new wave of sex dolls has hit the market aimed at pleasing the male. Shockingly, these dolls are anatomically correct. Sometimes, the shapes even emulate the curves of known celebrities and well established adult films stars.

Typically, these real life renditions come in four forms: full body, the mouth, the butt, or the female private part. Some men have jokingly stated, they would prefer to have a doll over a real woman. Citing, dolls don’t complain, and you don’t need to take a doll on a date to fulfill your needs.

On the contrary, full form dolls can be quite costly to the user. Prices range from $1200-$2000. Higher priced dolls come with life-like skin consistencies and the ability to “orgasm.” At those rates, a $30-60 dinner-date with a real woman seems more cost efficient.

Furthermore, there is a darker side to this type of sexual deviance. Trottla, a company that makes life-like sex dolls modeled after children as young as five, is making sales around the world.

Shin Takagi, a known pedophile, and company founder, says he came up with the idea as a new way to potentially curb child molestation.

Pedophilia is a highly charged issue and rightfully so, there is no known cure. Yet, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Chemical Castration have produced varied success.

However, a study from the Mayo Clinic concluded that it doesn’t change the pedophile’s sexual orientation.

In light of this, it is important to note pedophilia stems from a chemical imbalance in the brain. Essentially, it is the result of a learned behavior or experience. In other words, these individuals learned this behavior at some point in life or they have experienced it themselves.

Hence, sex dolls are needless for the fact that they can lead to bad habits and is adversely effecting one’s ability to converse with and please a real woman.