Words by Nick Slay

If you haven’t heard of Pamela Sharma yet, you will.

The Daily Mail posted a cell phone video of the former teacher going off in a Dollar Tree. In the video, you can see Sharma calling Dollar Tree employee, Alise Fowler a “Black b***h”, a “Black wh**e” and a “Black slave'” at a Lawrenceville branch in Georgia on Wednesday. It did not stop there.

While shopping with her sister, Sharma appeared hysterical as she screamed racial epithets at employees and terrifying shoppers at the store.

Alise Fowler (who is reportedly still reeling from the incident) asserts that it is never appropriate speaking to someone like that and in fact, she believed that those words were “evil”.

How evil?

Sharma even told the woman filming the now viral video, “Keep recording, Black momma!”

Before finally being asked to leave, Pamela also shouted out to all that would listen that “Jesus was white, not black!”  However, people did not let that rock. Some of Sharma’s remarks were rebutted by other people on the scene.  One person asked her (who is of Indian descent) “Where are you from?” An agitated clerk was also recorded as saying, “You pieces of trash, why don’t you go back to your country,” as a retort to her store rant.

Reports note that Sharma pulled the victim card, asserting that she was only being racist Fowler threatened to, “beat her a**”.  But you be the judge:

In a shocking twist since the release of the video online, Pamela Sharma claims that because she was a former educator and c-level actor (famous for roles like “College Student in Towel” in Big Momma’s House and “Stand In” for Kat Graham in The Vampire Diaries) and that in fact she cannot be racist. In her own words, which are golden:

“So, I have taught at black schools, I’ve taught at Latino schools… Individuals who go to be an educator are not racist”