Joyner Lucas is no stranger to using his music to speak on social issues and his latest song and visual for the real and much needed “I’m Not Racist”  adds a powerful statement to the collection.

The poignant visual opens with a dialogue between an actor posing as a Trump supporter in a “Make America Great Again” hat rhymes Lucas’s lyrics speaking on racial stereotypes from the point of view of typical supporter, as he spits:

“With all due respect I don’t have pity for you black niggas that’s just how I feel. Screaming Black Lives Matter but all you blacks would rather be deadbeats that pay your bills. Yelling nigga this and nigga that, call everybody a nigga and get a nigga mad, as soon as I say nigga then everyone react and call me racist and wanna swing on me ’cause I ain’t black.”

The intense far-right rant goes on to utilize many excuses that many who back white supremacy use to justify their blind hate, but the spin Lucas placed offers a dialogue to understand the disconnect between both sides as a young black man sits and absorbs the rant before kicking off his own.

“With all disrespect I don’t like you white muthaf*ckas that’s just where I’m at. Screaming ‘All Lives Matter’ is a protest to my protest what kinda sh*t is that. And that’s one war you will never win, the power in the word nigga is another sin, we shouldn’t say it but we do that’s just is what it is but that doesn’t mean that you can say it just because you’ve got nigga friends.”

The tense video serves as a much-needed dialogue between two sets of people under one roof as it pertains to race relations in America. Although there is no indication on whether this video or song will appear on an upcoming project, it’s release was definitely on time.

Check out the video below.