Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston is the latest NFL player to find himself at the center of a scandal, with reports coming in over the weekend that he’s being investigated by the league for allegedly groping a female Uber driver.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter says that, while the inquisition is currently underway, the league’s representatives don’t foresee the issue being resolved quickly. “The investigation is not expected to [be] wrapped up by the end of this season,” said Schefter.

[This means] that Winston’s case could hang over the upcoming NFL off season similar to how Ezekiel Elliott’s case hung over the NFL last off season.

An Uber driver accused Winston of groping her in April of 2016, saying the quarterback grabbed her crotch. This was first reported in a Buzzfeed story that appeared two weeks ago. The driver reported this to Uber, which led to Winston being banned from the platform.

Bucs head coach Dirk Koetter said that he had not heard of the incident until the allegations appeared in the media, and the Bucs issued a statement supportive of the investigation.

Winston has claimed that he was in the car, but was in the back seat, while the groper was supposedly in the passenger seat. Buffalo Bills cornerback Ronald Darby, who was also a witness for Winston when the latter was accused of rape in college, corroborated that account, and claimed that nothing untoward happened in the car. The Uber driver’s attorney John Clune claimed that Darby and Winston were lying, and that Winston was the only person in the car at the time. Seems like a classic case of he said, she said.

At this point, the Uber driver has not taken any legal action, nor is she planning to, according to Clune. The NFL can suspend Jameis Winston or take other disciplinary action based on its own investigations.