The Washington Wizards will be without their franchise point guard for a couple of weeks.

John Wall is out for at least two weeks as he recovers from a sore knee. Wall will receive platelet-rich plasma treatment and viscosupplementation injections in his left knee, according to a statement from the Wizards. The star point guard was experiencing soreness in his left knee over the last few weeks, and even had it drained at one point by the Wizards’ training staff.

Wall was injured on Nov. 7, when he sustained knee-to-knee contact against the Mavs. He’s currently averaging 20.3 points, 9.2 assists, and shooting at just over 43 percent, so the Wizards will be looking to backup guard Tim Frazier to replace some major production.

What Does This Means For The Washington Wizards?

The Wizards sit at 10-8 and are currently placed at 7th in the Eastern Conference. A prolonged absence from Wall could be trouble for Washington, but it’s best to keep your best players healthy.

Knee trouble is not a good sign for anyone, but it’s especially troubling for Wall, whose game is predicated on speed and athleticism, and for the Wizards, who are predicated on two good players, according to Wall himself.

Wall is having a good season. If he’s been playing this well through injury, there’s a real possibility he sees a bump when he comes back healthy.