Before there was Kofi Siriboe, every Black woman in the world had their eyes set on him. Academy Award winner, Denzel Washington has been stealing hearts since Run DMC were rocking Adidas, but now we see it more than just his looks. Washington, 62, shows that he is real folk as he (on a request of a friend) traveled into a Chicago community to surprise Ms. Juanita Hubbard with a quick hello and tight squeeze. Needless to say, she would not let the Training Day lead go.

Who can blame her?

Here are the things we loved about this visit:

-Denzel surprised her and all the family were there quick fast and a hurry

-Denzel out here shouting out the Blackstone Rangers… (we gonna leave that right there)

-Denzel did a little impromptu “Training Day” for the people

-Denzel talks to his mama and let’s everyone know he was “raised right… did a lot of wrong but got it together”

-Denzel took pictures with everyone and did not stop smiling at all proving he is regular folk

Here is what Mama Hubbard loved about the visit:

Mama told us that she felt like something just went through her spirit… We know Mama…We know…