Troubled Times…

We are dealing with a terrible time in the U.S. right now, and with Donald Trump as president things aren’t looking to become any better.  With supremacist moods at an all-high, it seems as though Mr. Trump has brought out the worse in racism around the nation. The attacks in Charlottesville, Virginia that were driven by hate and racism have shocked many around the world. Celebrities and athletes have spoken up about the recent issues and have expressed their opinions. The response from Donald Trump on the attack has left many puzzled and confused on the intentions from the white supremacist group.

To shed light on an issue that is plaguing America such as police brutality and racism it is monumental that we keep our heads up and continue to move forward in this country by displaying love for one another regardless of skin tone and nationalities. Frank Cooker, a Jordan Brand employee, took to Instagram on Wednesday to share some very impressive and controversial footwork. The shoes were all-black and feature #BLACKLIVESMATTER on the ankle straps. The message behind the shoes is powerful and these would surely sell off the shelves, but will Jordan Brand take a risk and releases these to the public?

Nike has never been silent on racial issues as they continuously show their support as they release “Black History Month” apparel every year and have also allowed their athletes to express opinions on social issues through products. Nike athletes such as LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant have voiced their opinions on racial issues. We are pushing for these sneakers to make a general release and we will keep you posted as more info emerges.

Check out the shared image below.

… and so does standing up for peace , harmony , equality and justice for ALL!

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