To Internet trolls, Gabby Douglas disappointed at the Rio Olympics—not because of her award-winning talents in gymnastics, but with her hair. Rapper Lil Mama came to Douglas’ defense with a message on “self-hate.”

“Gabby Douglas is a black women. Our hair is kinky naturally. So when I see other black women and other black men online thinking that they’re making a joke out of who we are in our natural state, that sh— is disturbing,”a fresh-faced Lil Mama said in a two-part Instagram post.

The rapper continued her speech with different example of self-hate. “Hold on, NaNa.” Lil Mama was too fed up to be interrupted and targeted hypocrisy of some in the black community. According to her, you can’t put down others on one day and then call for justice and equality for your community on another. “Y’all need to be very, very, very, very aware of yourself and the things that you do…cause a lot of people, y’all ain’t really up for all that you act like you’re up to do and be and represent.”

Another One #ImTired

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