For years Frank Ocean fans have been looking for clues as to where he may have disappeared to. Frank and his sophomore album both dropped off the radar for some time now and at long last, he’s resurfaced in the flesh, serving as the most recent face for Calvin Klein’s “My Calvins” Campaign.

After the release of his Channel Orange album in 2012, Ocean made many appearances and performed at different events and then disappeared as his fans long awaited his sophomore album, Boys Don’t Cry. Since 2016 has been underway, Ocean has been gradually coming up for air, beginning with a small feature on Kanye West‘s album The Life of Pablo. Since then, pictures have surfaced of him, but they were still very scarce and not suggesting very much. After Ocean drove social media into a frenzy releasing an old picture of him in scrubs, heassured us that he was not a doctor, or a nurse by teasing the release of his sophomore album set to release sometime in July.

Ocean continues to build the anticipation of his comeback by finally revealing himself alive and well in the new Calvin Klein campaign. “My Calvins” originated as an underwear campaign and has since expanded to denim. Many models have been featured in the campaign and artists such as Fetty Wap, Young Thug, Justin Beiber, Kendrick Lamar and now Frank Ocean have all been featured.

Calvin Klein initially premiered the video of the Fall 2016 cast of the campaign on their Snapchat. Frank’s campaign features him being presented at a talk show and switches scenes to him alone with his thoughts in a room. He discusses the importance of music in his life as a “necessary act.” He shares his campaign with actress Margot Robbie. Frank’s campaign slogan is, “I feel loved in #mycalvins”.