Earlier this year, Joe Budden openly chastised Drake after the release of VIEWS, claiming that the Toronto rapper sounded very “uninspired” on the album. A self admitted super fan of Drizzy, Budden said that as one of the most popular MCs of this era, it is Drake’s responsibility to push the culture forward musically and more importantly, lyrically. A short while afterward, Drake released “4PM In Calabasas” on his OVO Sound Radio, a track which many believe is loaded with jabs at Diddy. On the following episode of his The Joe Budden Podcast, the New Jersey rapper broke down the song in it’s entirety, highlighting the lyrics he feels are directed at Diddy and those he believes are aimed toward him.

What further adds credence to Budden’s claims is an Instagram video that was posted by French Montana, of him and Drake in studio working on a music. A track is heard playing in the background where Drake can be heard saying “Pump, Pump, Pump it,” a reference to Budden’s breakout 2003 hit record “Pump It Up.” Going on the offensive, Joe Budden decided to throw some shots at Drizzy on new diss record titled “Making A Murder (Part 1).”

After throwing a few veiled shots at fellow Drake nemesis Meek Mill, a clip of from Joe Budden TV back in 2009 is played where Drake can be heard offering praise to Budden for his talents but also saying he would never engage in any rap beefs (so much for that). Speaking with Pitchfork, Budden further expounded on his motivation behind this new record.

“I come from a hip-hop where if you didn’t have something to say, then, n****a, what the f**k were you rapping for. I’m tired of rappers addressing things in every other manner in passion but rap. ”

“I just want this to be a moment in hip-hop because it is. Me, as an MC, I’m my own worse critic. I’ve listened to that song [“Making a Murderer (Part 1)”] a million times and it’s chilling. It’s chilling when you just understand it. It’s a clear message, line in the sand, to all MCs. I’m not playing no more.”

Listen to “Making A Murderer (Part 1)” below.