50 Cent has the streets buzzing in New York after he made an appearance in his hometown of Queens, NY for an Effen Vodka bottle signing event this past weekend. He stepped out of a Gold Bentley, making a bold statement he has no problem coming back to his old hood in style.

50 held the event at the Liquor & Wine Warehouse located in the infamous Lefrack City. The neighborhood came out to show love by buying signed bottles and cases of Effen Vodka. They were all excited to stand next to the rap mogul and have the opportunity to snap a picture with him to remember the occasion.

Imported from Holland, Effen Vodka is a premium liquor, which currently offers plain vodka, black cherry, raspberry, and cucumber flavors to their consumers. 50 is the face of Effen and has the star power to help liquor stores around the country boost their sales tremendously.

As 50 was exiting the liquor store, his fans and supporters couldn’t wait to get a glimpse of him. They had their phones up and ready to record the final moment of the event.