Gregg Popovich Was Not Happy After Losing Game 6 to the Thunder

Gregg Popovich is known for being very short and contrite when speaking with reporters during tense in-game situations or after tough losses, and last night was no different. The Spurs, who were heavily favored against the Oklahoma City Thunder during their Western Conference Semifinal showdown, lost three straight games to the Thunder en route to a Game 6 exit from the playoffs, in which Popovich did everything from bench Boris Diaw to force Tim Duncan to play until the regulation buzzer, despite the fact that Game 6 could have been the final game of his career. After the game, Popovich was, as expected, in rare form, and shot down a reporter who asked him if he had any regrets about the way he coached the game. “Oh, so you’re a coach now? You shouldn’t do that.” The best old guy burns in the business.