The Carmelo Anthony free agent saga in 2014 made everyone scratch their heads, in which the NBA star signed a five-year, $124 million dollar deal to resign with the Knicks. This, all the while passing up an opportunity to join the Chicago Bulls although the salary would have been lower. In the past two years, the max deal experiment to build a team around Anthony has been anything but blissful, in which the Knicks missed the playoffs in back to back years and fired former head coach Derek Fisher this past February. Kurt Rambis is currently the interim head coach.

Anthony, who will be turning 32 this July coming up, knows his NBA clock is ticking. So, when the Knicks begin the hiring process this summer, Anthony reportedly wants to be a part of that process so that he can provide his input.

Via Newsday:

“I think you have to have some type of input,” Anthony said on Wednesday. “Whether it’s input or dialogue, whatever word you want to use, I think you have to have that. I think at this point there needs to be some type of connection, some type of communication, especially if we want to right this ship. There definitely needs to be some type of communication.”

According to Anthony, he and Jackson went several weeks this season before talking about the state of the team.

Anthony clearly was frustrated and disappointed in February after the Knicks started freefalling in the standings, leading to Derek Fisher’s firing. They were 22-22 and now are 31-48 with three games remaining. The Knicks play the 76ers in Philadelphia on Friday night.