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Phife Dawg of A Tribe Called Quest Dies

The legendary MC that was a part of A Tribe Called Quest died this past week from diabetes. One of the pioneers of early Hip Hop received an outpouring of love from friends and lovers of the genre. Known for lyrics that were smooth and innovative, many credit Phife with their love of rap music.


Katt Williams Fights A Child

We’re not sure what’s going on in Katt Williams‘ world lately, but it seems to be a lot. This week, a video surfaced of Katt getting into an altercation with a child. While the jury is still out on the true cause of the fight, from looks of a video, it seems as if Katt was defeated by a 17 year old.


Fan Slays Rihanna With His Vocals

Last weekend, during a concert in Cincinnati, Rihanna passed the mic to a lucky fan to help her sing “Four Five Seconds.” What she thought would be a cute duet turned into a viral sensation, with the fan taking total control of the song and delivering some powerhouse vocals that had RiRi giving him all types of “Yasss” looks. Since the viral video, the singer (Terah Jay) has enjoyed the spotlight by penning an article about his experience and what it means to his career.

rihanna anti world tour

The Obamas Travel to Cuba

President Obama and his family made history as the first president to visit Cuba since 1928. Through photos taken by the official White House photographer, we see the Obamas engaging with people of the region through food, dance, and cultural activities. Even Malia Obama had a shining moment in the country, where’s she’s photographed acting as translator for her father.

obama cuba

People Anticipate Beyoncé’s Album Dropping

Talk about paying attention to detail! Super BeyHive members have noticed that on the Queen’s Vevo, 13 new videos have been added that are unlisted (meaning they’re unable to be viewed by the general public, but someone, somewhere has a link). This has many believing that new music is ready and will drop at a moment’s notice (just like her previous album). Word on the street is that the project will drop sometime in April, maybe even this weekend. We’ll keep you posted.