Las Vegas’ very own Dizzy Wright has been working incessantly in the recent past.

After wrapping up his well-received Growing Process project last year, he’s moved into his most recent body of work Wisdom and Good Vibes, and is more ready than ever for everyone to hear what he has to say.

Equipped with an unapologetic message and  an admirable amount of resolve, he’s steadily created his own lane and won’t be stopping anytime soon.

Currently on tour with fellow emcee Logic, he took some time out before headlining his own show on his day off to catch us up on his growth, his major movements and his plans as an artist and entrepreneur.

First off, coming off last year’s project (Growing Process) and coming into the Wisdom and Good Vibes EP, give us an idea of what the transition has been like up until now?

I’m learning a lot along the way. Growing Process was a little different from Wisdom. With Growing Process I spent a lot of time in California, in a bigger studio in Vegas. I was by myself a lot.

With Wisdom I had a lot more energy around me. I brought in the band to bring in the bass, you know. The guitar. We did everything live this time and it put me in a different space, a new energy. I like feeding off of other people’s energy. It was cool. It was just a nice place to be in.

What would you say has sort of changed now with that added energy? Do you notice any significant difference in the sound?

I’ve never really focused on having my own sound. I just create the music that I enjoy, the vibes that I like. I go with what I feel. I like a variety of different artists. Jigga to Suga Free to Kanye. I’m still into the Dizzy Wright sound. I’m learning myself. I’m still good with being a learner until it clicks.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetIt’s clear how you connect to your fans and audiences is very important. Now that you’re on tour and all of your listeners are coming out and coming to your shows, how would you say the way in which you’re interacting with all of them is impacting you developing yourself?

Fan interaction is everything. They put that battery in my back. Being on tour with Logic right now means that people who may have heard of me are there, but mainly they’re there to see him. So, I feel like I’m really getting a chance to broadcast my movement to others. But, I also have my own fans coming out and they’re spread out and I can feel their energy. It excites me. It keeps me going.

Like today, I have an off day on the tour with Logic, and I’ve decided to headline my own show in a different city. The energy is completely different. Soon as I step off my bus, I’ve got kids walking up with pictures of me in frames that they want me to sign. It just reminds me that I did create something for myself.

 On the topic of creating something for yourself, let’s switch over to your marijuana strain Dizzy OG. How has that contributed to who you are as an artist musically and who you want be culturally?

It’s just like, you know when people say why sign to another label when you can start your own? Like Jay-Z saying why should a streaming service take money from my music when I can create my own platform? It’s the same for Dizzy OG. Why spend my money on someone else’s weed when I can go to the person who grows it and get my own sh*t? It’s all about branding and being a young boss, you know?

I know your relationship with your uncle Layzie Bone (Bone Thugs-n-Harmony) is always alluded to. How do you feel that relationship and a lot of other relations with your family have really shaped who you are?

I’m reminded this sh*t don’t last forever. People will walk all over as soon as they get the chance. I’m not rushing to get anything too fast. I don’t need it all at once.  I’m walking through the woods slowly with a flashlight, I’m not trying to sprint through that b*tch in the dark. That’s how you run into sh*t, you know what I mean?

I look at my uncle who is so legendary. But he’s still out here grinding, looking to prove something even after all that he’s done to highest of the highest heights. I can go there and a few years later I could be just another n*gga, just another legendary n*gga.

It’s all about trying to holding on to what you have. You got to cherish it and take care of it along the way. That’s why I’m not trying make a major big ass album just because that’s what people want me do. I’m making music that I like to make and I’ll continue to grow from there.

This tour is supposed to wrap up in April. You’ve got all of this ahead of you. Moving forward, what is it that we don’t know? What is it that you have planned?

I want to create a project—my next project. I want to make sure people know who Dizzy Wright is. Why I think the way I think; why I am the way I am. I want to take people in the journey and give them a real insight as to why I am this “Peace, Love, and Positivity” n*gga.

I want to do the best that I can to paint that picture. I think that I put out a lot of positive vibes out into the world, and people are still trying to figure me which is cool. I like it. Soon as I get them this piece of art, everybody is going to think that they know me. I had to get myself mentally prepared for that, and I’m ready now.

I know myself. I love myself. I have faith in myself. So, when I put it out in the world, no matter how it’s taken, I won’t take it personally. Then, we’ll see what happens.