The Golden State Warriors are just having fun with it, and for good reason. The high-flying defending NBA champions have lost just 4 games thus far, despite being past the halfway mark of the season. They’re on pace to best the 1995-1996 Bulls’ record for most wins in a season–Jordan’s squad racked up 72 that year–and Stephen Curry is looking like a repeat winner of the regular season MVP award. They’re blowing out fellow championship contenders like the Spurs and Cavs by 20 points, and even teams Steph Curry is a fan of–the Carolina Panthers–are reaching new heights.

So, it’s fitting that on the sideline, two of the team’s biggest stars, Steph Curry and Draymond Green, share a little joke during some down-time in the middle of a game. In the following video you can see Draymond pass one of the Splash Brothers an imaginary blunt on the sideline, eliciting a soft chuckle from the reigning MVP.