The Cleveland Cavaliers suffered a humiliating defeat in another NBA Finals rematch with the Golden State Warriors, losing 132-98 at home on Monday night [January 18, 2016].

The common conception circulating is the Cavs may be in trouble, but point guard Kyrie Irving insists everything’s just fine on their end.


“We have a long way to go,” Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving said. “We know that. We still have a lot more games to find our continuity. We’ve been preaching that, even in our wins. Some of our wins have been really, really ugly. We don’t shoot the ball well sometimes, but we get by on our talent. Whether that’s plays that come in the fourth quarter or executing based on the great players that we have, sometimes we get away with that.”

Irving also spoke on the energy level the Warriors brought Monday night, which was ultimately the deciding factor for how the outcome of the game would be. He remains optimistic but for Irving, it’s the best thing to say to keep his team and fans in good spirits.

“They came out with a lot more energy, executed offensively and defensively, did a lot of switching on our ball screens, and coming off our pick-and-rolls,” Irving said. “I think that’s where our aggressiveness was down in terms of what we were going to do and execute when they were switching. We still have to figure that out. You just take it as a learning experience. We took a lot of punches. We just wanted to finish the game playing hard. It’s a great team down there, and they did what they did.”

The Cavs just bounced back from the crushing loss to the Warriors, defeating the Brooklyn Nets 91-78 tonight [Wednesday, January 20].