When California rapper Emerson Windy dropped “Come Get It” featuring Pusha T in 2015, he was also working with little known producer Deafh Beats to create his latest project, Prince of Zamunda.

Little did he know that same producer would work with Pusha T on his second album, Darkest Before Dawn. Due to Windy’s busy schedule and self-admitted negligence, the beat was left available and found its way to Timbaland, who placed it with G.O.O.D. Music for the song “Retribution.” A move Windy says should be a lesson in business to all independent artists.

“It put a monkey wrench in my plans, but it was really my fault, I dropped the ball,” said Windy, who used the beat for the album title track. “I don’t want that to happen to anyone else because it don’t feel good.”

Deafh Beats produced several songs on his new project that were cleared for the album. Windy neglected to attach the last song after his recording session, then was distracted by a busy touring schedule, and so the producer thought he never recorded to the beat. “It was bittersweet thing, I went back and went through my emails and was like, ‘Damn I never sent him the song,” said Windy.

“Before you make big plans and dial in, have your paperwork, have your contract because everyone thinks they are going to do that on the back end,” says Windy. Although the rapper had already invested in his campaign promoting the new album, he views it as a lesson and praises the upcoming producer.“I was proud of him the minute I heard he got it placed on King Push’s s*it. I’ve been in Norway and Paris promoting him in my interviews, a person who I believe is the best.”

The title track will be changed, but Emerson Windy has released the track on Soundcloud just for the fans.