Making headlines this week was the news that Beyoncé allegedly had plans for a feature film based on the life of Saartjie Baartman (aka Hottentot Venus).

Baartmen was the most famous of at least two South African women who were exploited and exhibited as freak show attractions in the 1800s for having large buttocks.

While it would certainly be an interesting role for Bey to play, her rep finally responded to the rumors saying in a statement that, “Beyoncé is in no way tied to this project.”

If there is, or isn’t a new film about Baartman in the works, Beyoncé is not involved, but the rep continued, “This is an important story that should be told, however.”

Baartman died in 1815 at the age of 26, 5 years after arriving in Europe to be made a spectacle and displayed for her voluptuous anatomy under the name Hottentot Venus. In 2002, she received a proper burial in her native South Africa.

Back in 2010, the story of Baartman was portrayed in French/Tunisian filmmaker Abdel Kechiche’s “Venus Noire” (“Black Venus”). While the film was never released in the U.S., you can find it online on DVD, as well as check out the trailer.