Kendrick Lamar‘s passion for his craft is showcased authentically in his new visual, “God Is Gangsta.”

The short film is set to tracks “u” and “For Sale?,” both off of his Grammy-nominated album To Pimp A Butterfly and features a duality visually; from Kendrick going on a drunken rant in the first part rapping along to lines like “Loving you is complicated” to being baptized in a pool of water. In the second part, Kendrick finds himself facing temptation in the form of half-naked women, with the scene being interrupted by flashing messages on the screen, such as “I followed your rules for way too long.”

The short film is intriguing, with several intense moments soundtracked wonderfully by his music and all sorts of cryptic touches.

In a couple shorts months, Kendrick will be heading to the Grammys, where he is nominated for 11 awards.