Current Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan has never been afraid to speak his mind, regardless of any backlash that may come with it. From his Super Bowl guarantees to his verbal joists with opponents, it is all fair game to good ‘ol Rex. The Bills are slated to face off against the reeling Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, whom have struggled this season due to ineffectiveness and injuries, most notably at the quarterback position.

Officially out of contention for the playoffs, Cowboys QB Kellen Moore is set to make his first career start this week and Rex Ryan weighed in the left handed QB but was as candid as can be, especially when it came to Moore’s stature.

Well, first thing that jumps out at you, he’s a little bitty dude,” Ryan told reporters Wednesday. “You’re expecting these big, 6’5 dudes and here’s a guy that’s 6-foot. Then he’s throwing with the wrong hand.

Standing at 6’0, Moore comes up short to his predecessors, Tony Romo (6’2) and Matt Cassel & Brandon Weeden who both stand at 6’4. Ryan did clean things up nicely by stating that he believes Moore is poised, accurate and smart. Let’s see how things pan out this Sunday.