Chuck has spoken

As the Warriors are set to be back on the court tonight, their opponent will be the squad who ended their historical 23 game winning streak, the Milwaukee Bucks. Many fans and critics believe that they can be the team to break the ’96 Chicago Bulls record for the most wins in a single season. But the real question is…if the two teams were to meet on the court, who would win? Well NBA legend Charles Barkley put in his two cents and believe that the young gunning Warriors will get killed by the legendary Bulls team.

In a recent interview he did on the ESPN Radio’s Waddle & Silvy show, Barkley made it clear that this year’s Warrior squad are too small to match up with Jordan & Pippin’s Bulls team. He continued with his reasoning by saying this

That Bulls team would kill this little team, Come on, man. Who is going to guard Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan? What about Dennis Rodman?

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but the Warriors front court presence in Green, Iguodala and Barnes matched up just as equally with Rodman, Pippin and Jordan. But when you have a tough defensive minded locked down forward in Pippin, a rebounding machine in Rodman and the greatest of all time on your roster, you have no choice but to understand why Barkley came to such a conclusion. There’s always NBA 2K16 to see what would the outcome be. Wishful thinking at it’s best.