Pick your poison. Treading carefully in the treacherous, swampy wetlands that can sometimes be the business side of the music industry, The Source‘s Holiday Issue cover star Rick Ross suspects there may be a few snakes in the grass in the venomous video for “Crocodile Python” from his eighth solo album Black Market, which was released on Friday.

Stricken with fear and paranoia over his trusted confidants slithering through his finances, the veteran MC spews his disdain for their envious ways and learns to sleep with one eye open if he wishes to keep swimming in wealth. “Closest ones to me wanna see me in the box, is it jealousy or am I cursed by the Gods?” he ponders, baffled by their lack of loyalty. Watch where you step.

Peep the video here, and while you’re at it, go behind the scenes of Rozay’s recent cover shoot.