KD For Cam newton! 


Kevin Durant and the OKC Thunder have been quiet lately now that the NBA season has started but Kevin who’s a huge fan of the Washington Redskins say’s he believes Cam Newton should win NFL MVP. He talks a bit with ESPN as he shows his love and support for the Redskins who just knocked off the Giants. He also goes on to say that he believes the Carolina Panthers will win the super bowl. Read his full answers from the interview below.

Who is your MVP?Cam Newton. It’s easy for you to say (Tom) Brady because he’s actually throwing the ball a lot. Cam, they have a really good defense and a really good running game, but he’s running the ball himself and he’s passing. They’re 11-0 and they’re playing great football; dominant football. And he’s the leader. Without him, they wouldn’t be who they are, so you’ve got to give it to him. Devonta Freeman is another guy who would be in the MVP conversation, but (the Falcons) lost a few games.’’

Who will win the Super Bowl? “Carolina. They’ve just got the total package on both ends. Their linebackers are as quick as cornerbacks. Their cornerback is the best in the league. The offensive line has gotten betterPROTECTING Cam. They’re running it well, and he’s passing it well. I just feel like they have it all.”