Dreams really do come true. Cliché isn’t it?

Chicago native, Taara King, turned her dreams into reality on her 22nd birthday. Her alias, Miss TN King, is well known after, what she thought was a little ol’ blog, turned into a nationwide movement. King launched her blog site only in December, sharing some of her most personal experiences with men, daily life struggles, and stories about her coming to age journey. Her posts have accumulated over 3 million views without any strategic promotion on her end, and girls around the country are raving about her down to earth insight and empowering truth. Her Source caught up with Miss T.N. King for an interview to hear how she feels about the reception and success MissTNKing.com has brought to her life:

1.For those who aren’t familiar, who is Miss T.N. King? What do you do, what’s the site about, and what do you believe your “purpose” is?

Miss TN King, she’s a go getter, she’s a queen, she’s confident, she’s passionate and has a lot of purpose. I’m from Chicago, 22 years old went to school in Louisiana, LSU, and I started my blog not too long after graduating college. I’ve made my mistakes in life but what I’m learning is that everything I go through, I go through it for a reason, whether set backs or trials, somehow that’s going to push me closer to my destiny. I’m at a point in my life where I refuse to stop, I’m going to keep going after my dreams, if I get “No” I don’t hear “No” I hear “Something better is coming along”. That is who Miss TN King is, and my purpose is to share confidence and a message.

2.Where did the idea to create your Sincerely King Blog come from, and how long after launching did notice a substantial growth in viewers?

I’ve always said to myself that I wanted to have a platform where I can inspire women, but it was also a milestone of personal growth for me. That’s because I’m so private and I keep a lot of personal experiences to myself, and I remember one of my best friends said to me “hey you should share some of your stories it can help people” but I was the type of person that didn’t like people in my business. So I was very hesitant in starting my blog because I knew I wanted to open about some things, and I was afraid of how people would perceive me, or how they would feel about some of the things I kept so dear to my heart. I started this blog really with the hopes of empowering women. I feel as if so many of us have the same stories, you know you can sometimes just talk to somebody and realized that we’re the same! And it’s sad because a lot of women, we’re always beefing or getting into it, but if we can all just come together and have a platform for which we can share our experiences, and realize we can really uplift each other it will be great.

I launched my blog on December 16th on my birthday this past year. The first post was “Chapter 22” which hit about 47 views. Two weeks later, “The New Side Chick: I Was Her” was published and it hit 1.5 million views in one day! I originally sent the blog post to only my sorority sisters and a few of my friends, posted a little something on IG and it went viral.

3.Are you accessible for people to send you emails, do people ask you for advice?

Well yes, when it first when viral my email blew up! Hundreds and hundreds of people asking me for advice. Honestly I was overwhelmed, but I was so flattered because I’ve always been that friend to talk to and give advice. So at the time it was like, God I’ve been praying for this and BOOM it was right it in my face. I will admit though, that all of the hundreds of emails I couldn’t respond to all of them but now I’m at a point where I have a little more control over it and so if someone contacts me, wants insight, or life coaching I can help. I will let them know I am not a professional but I do try to give them some type of wisdom when they come to me.

4.You talk a lot about females being aware of their Queendom, what do you believe are the steps to creating and obtaining the “throne”?

I believe that everyone has an inner queen. When I say that Queen, I mean that woman that’s fierce, confident, she’s beautiful, when she walks into a room, she owns it. Anything she touches, it’s going to turn into good because she has favor of the lord in her life. Your Queendom, that’s your purpose, that’s your accomplishments and successes, that’s your legacy. This is what you’re here on earth for, to have your Queendom and to impact lives by making a difference. And I feel like women we have to just tap into it because I wish we knew our full potential. Women make the world go around, and no one would be here if it weren’t for women! Even with men we have so much power over them and we don’t utilize it effectively, the power is within our standards, they way we carry ourselves, and what we’re going to put up with. So the Queen, she embraces all of that and takes control over her life. I’m all about pushing this message to women about how powerful we are and we can do anything regardless of what society says.

5.Your most recent post “3 Reasons Every Woman Should Go On A Man Fast” is very interesting and inspirational for young women. During your break from men, you mention the importance of dedicating more time to God. How long do you feel like this fast should last in order to be effective?

I knew I was going to be off of it, once I knew who I was and I had a set of goals and dreams for what God has called me to do. That’s when your fast is over, when you know who you are! Then when God, even when then devil throws more men in your face, you have the will power to not be easily influenced. When you have the confidence and independence, you won’t be going on the petty dates anymore, you’ll be talking to people of substance and quality, so if they can’t bring anything to the table then there’s no where for them to sit! Once you have those questions you went into the fast with, answered, that’s when you can end your fast and start dating again.

6.Since you’ve received such great feedback and you see the effect your material has on so many people, what’s the next step for Miss T.N King?

I plan on making my posts more frequent, adding videos to make my blog more visual, and I do want to launch my “Ask King” section. So you know if anyone wants to talk to me or ask me anything I can respond to them because I am all about inspiring and uplifting others. I am also a contestant for the Miss Illinois USA 2016 pageant, just going after my dreams fearlessly. I’m fundraising for that so, I am working on a lot so there’s a lot I’m excited about! To keep up with my posts you can visit my site MissTNKing.com and I’ll keep the site updated with events and any announcements.

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-Tia Long (@ByTiaLong)