An exclusive insight into the latest piece from artist Rob “TMO” Plater entitled “I ain’t rich cuz ain’t no money in the truth”

This is what TMO had to say about his most recent mural as shown in the gallery below;

“The inspiration behind my newest wall mural titled “I ain’t rich cuz ain’t no money in the truth” has long been rooted in my upbringing in East New York, Brooklyn. Overall there was always an overwhelming pride associated with being from Brooklyn. Everything from the summer block parties, the old Puerto Rican cats playing dominos, Graff tags and the strong influence from Hip-Hop culture. Absorbing these experiences naturally fed into my desire to draw and paint. One thing I wanted to do with my mural was to create an image that pays homage to an irreplaceable “culture” that seems to be fading away due to the wave of gentrification hitting the city. I wanted to tap into the same feeling of nostalgia I had being a black and Puerto Rican kid seeing Graff tags and painted characters from the elevated train lines that always told a story. That story was one about Brooklyn.”