Being LoveDrunk in the Big Apple isn’t too bad after all…it’s all depends on how you defined it

Recently, VolaVida partnered with well known, but underground graffiti artist Hektad to showcase a new collection of artwork.

The Cherry Tavern in the Lower East Side section of New York Cityis where Hektad introduced his series of artwork known as LoveDrunk. The talented artist was able to come up with dope variations of being nearly obsessive to what regular civilians in the streets of New York lay their eyes on. Hektad was able to challenge his fans and viewers to defined being LoveDrunk by creating various of messages through different canvas. His impressive artwork reeled new fans as they was able to make some purchases of the innovative artwork that was created.





If you missed this dope collaboration, don’t beat yourself. Hektad will be debuting some new collection real soon. If you are interested in purchasing anymore artwork, go check him out and VolaVida on Instagram (@VolaVida) (@Hektad123).

Omari White