The fiery teammates are clearly all in for each other

Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook have taken turns dominating the court this season, but they’ve also gone back and forth in a less favorable category: the injury list. Durant began the season on the bench, with a Jones fracture in his foot, and Westbrook joined him just a fortnight into the season with a fractured hand. Durant returned and immediately lit it up, but has been repeatedly sidelined with soreness in said foot. Westbrook on the other hand, has spent considerably more time in action–enough to be ranked second in the league in scoring and third on most early MVP lists–but has gone down once again with a rather bizarre injury, one that can be explained in layman’s terms as “a dented face.”

Durant’s lack of playing time lately has given way to a bit more social media perusing on his part, and yesterday, he caught somebody jeering him about his teammates’ superb play this season.

durant screenshot

A rather appropriate response, if you ask us. The Thunder will take the court tonight at 6:30 EST as they try to take down the Lakers in Cali without two of the NBA’s Top 5 players.