Westbrook doesn’t plan on leaving #35’s side

Russell Westbrook has become one of the league’s best point guards, and if his record-setting performance in the 2015 All-Star game wasn’t enough of an indication, his talent and aggression is borderline manic. Still, on a team that sports one of the world’s top 2 players in Kevin Durant, Westbrook is expected to play second fiddle, though he makes it extremely apparent at times that he has no intention on doing that. As far as he’s concerned, he and KD are a two-headed monster, and that attitude is exhibited in his play.

Yesterday, Snoop Dogg threw up a photoshopped picture of Westbrook in a Lakers jersey, egging #0 to “come on home” (Westbrook is from California and excelled in his days at UCLA). In light of that, and the continued rumors that Kevin Durant may be considering a move to his hometown Washington Wizards once his contract is up in 2016, Dan Patrick asked Westbrook if he’s ever yearned to have his own team to run, a la James Harden’s move to the Houston Rockets in a highly controversial off-season trade following the Thunder’s NBA Finals run in 2012.

No, not at all, man. I love winning. Kevin’s one of the best players in the world, man, and I love my position I’m in now. I think over the past maybe four or five years only maybe two teams have won more games than us, San Antonio and probably Miami. So I don’t think it gets too much better than that. I mean, you can be on our own and win a few games and then go home in the summer. But I’d rather win games and have a chance to win a championship every year.

In addition to that, Patrick also asked the fiery point guard to speak on the tension Westbrook and Durant allegedly have, especially in late game situations.

I’m not sure. But I know myself and Kevin always, always became closer and closer regardless of what stories or what was made up about us. And I think we’ve constantly became closer and closer like brothers and got through everything or whatever that was thrown our way whether if it was true or not true or made up.

Westbrook and Durant, who have both kept extremely busy during the All-Star break, will return to the real action tomorrow night at home against the Mavericks.