Shira Lazar of What’s Trending got a chance to sit down with Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson at the SMS Audio booth at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas to discuss… well, his SMS Audio headphones.

Before getting into his Star Wars venture, 50 Cent first talked about his BioSport In-Ear wired ear buds. While the name itself is pretty intense, they serve a great purpose. Not only are they headphones — with studio sounds, by the way — but they also “allow you to monitor your heart rate, how far you’ve ran, and how many calories you’ve burned,” according to Mr. Jackson, himself.

That very same innovation led to the BioSport headphones winning the innovative CES award.

While innovation is covered in Fif’s apparent venture, Shira Lazar also gets the drop on — what was at the time — a somewhat unexpected license to the Star Wars brand. Almost a year ago to date, 50 Cent told CNBC, “I’m gonna go away from the trends of things. The Star Wars collaboration was a surprise for people, but I envision SMS being to the audio space what Lucasfilm is to the film technology business.”

“We don’t need more details now, do we?”


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Jamaal Fisher (@jamaalfisher)