What’s better than getting one new music video? Two. Today’s story from the West coast follows Oktane and Pricetag in two separate daily routines, side by side. They both start the same, with a J to the face, and end the same, together at the skate park with both posses. But while Oktane chooses to skate around and hit ollies on his way to the park, Pricetag daps up half of the city and raps on the other half’s roofs. Hit-Boy continues expanding his sound to a nice bounce that builds to an aggressive fight song I wish belonged to my university.

As Audio Push explained, they will have one more freebie before they announce their album.

Directed by: @PeterBaltimore & Gravity XL

Bryan Hahn wonders if they used some drones to get all those aerial shots. He’s on Twitter (@notupstate).