The game will never be the same


If there were one name that can make any crowd turn up in a hot second, it would be Carnage. The EDM/Trap DJ receives his praise through his bass-pumping, big room beats that makes fans explode with roars whenever he hits the stage at any festival around the country. But now the Maryland native is set on going global with the next step of his career.

“If you make good music, you make good music, and that’s what I’m going to do,” said Carnage.

Going from the background to the forefront, Carnage is finally ready to come out with his own song and he teamed up with none other than the most popular trio out of Atlanta, Migos. “Bricks” will be featured on his debut album coming soon. Recently, The Source got to sit down with Carnage to talk about his upcoming single, the next move in his career and his favorite festivals to play at.

With your heavy EDM background, linking up with Migos is a big move. How do you feel it will progress your crossover?

I guess it just makes it all official. I’m making songs that are my records. I’ve always made songs but I was always in the background. Then when I wanted to make EDM/Trap music, it kind of just put me at the forefront of being a producer, where you don’t need vocals and shit. It’s just instrumentals. But I still had these dance records that just made me bigger. Until now, I’m finally coming out with my own song. Now it’s Carnage featuring Migos. I just wanted to do it just to do it.

With your upcoming album, which route will you stick to? Will you be more hip-hop or stick to EDM/Trap?

My album is going to be the most random album ever made. I’m just making what Carnage is, and what Carnage is, is the most random shit ever. Every song is obnoxious and amazing. When I’m making music I have ADD, I just make whatever sounds good. I listen to everything. So it’s just about putting out a good piece of work and like festival-sounding music. There’s two words that come to my head when im trying to describe my music is obnoxiously good.

From the time you came out with the “Spaceman” remix to now, how do you feel like your career has evolved?

I was a bass artist back then. I was playing all these bass shows. I was always on tour doing dubstep shows. Being an Internet artist to now, where I’m playing main stages at every major festival. I want to be on a bigger platform that I can spread my music. I’m pretty sure I’m the only guy on the main stage for TomorrowLand playing trap music. Because of what I did, I’m expanding this music I love to a bigger audience. You can’t hate on that. I just love fucking playing music. I guess you can say that when there’s growth there’s change, so if you see me changing you know there’s growth.

What other collaborations do you have in the works?

A lot. I have a lot of big songs. I have a lot of big features. I have a song that’s in all Russian. It’s going to be a single. It’s tight and I love it. When we do release it, it’s going to be awesome. It’s my first festival twerk record I’ve ever made. Just like festival 100 BPM music. And I don’t like doing shit like that because that’s not my realm, but I just did it to prove a point.

What point was that?

That I can do whatever I want.

Which festivals are your favorite festivals to play at?

Aw man. I don’t know. I have a lot of fun when I know that I play at a festival and there’s like literally all die-hard fans. It gives you more energy. When you do your own shows where it’s just die-hard fans, it gives me a certain energy. But all of them, all of them are amazing. Ultra was awesome. I play in Miami a lot.

Yea, I had some friends that went to your last show in Miami.

Last time I played I got arrested, it was tight. Nobody’s ever had a legendary show like that in Miami history ever. No one will every top that show at Cinema.

Tony Centeno (@_tonyMC)