yeezus mountain

Those drums, though.

On the day Kanye West was to be married to the love of his life, Kim Kardashian (May 24), an Adidas commercial debuted featuring a hauntingly good clip of a new song from West titled “God Level”. The track, produced by 88 Keys & Mike Dean–revered and frequent Kanye West collaborators–featured an 808’s & Heartbreaks-like set of drums, with ‘Ye delivering his usual abrasive bars with enough space in between them to let each pair marinate.

For now, we have what probably isn’t the finished version of “God Level”, but it definitely features more than the two repetitive bars that are featured in the Adidas commercial, especially this gem:

You see sharks in the water
And they tryin’ to do nothin’ but put c*cks in your daughter

Yeezus just rose again.