The results are in for baby Carter
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Last week, our favorite, Karlie Redd was back with a new love rapper Yung Joc, Mimi and Nikko signed a deal for their sex tape, Kirk swabs his son for DNA test, and Stevie confront Nikko about the sex tape.

Her Source gives you the breakdown of each moment from the episode that made us shake our heads at some of the cast members.

1. Nikko reveals to Mimi that he told Stevie about their sex tape deal

While out driving, Nikko revealed to Mimi that he and Stevie almost got into an altercation, when he told the latter about their sex tape deal. Mimi is not happy about the situation because he is going to try to take their daughter away from her. (Here’s some advice for you, Mimi please leave Nikko he is no good for you).

2. Scrappy goes over to Erica P’s house

She was introduced on last week’s episode, when she met up with Scrappy. But in this episode, she tries to heat things up by inviting him over to her house. When he arrives at her house, he is taken a back at the lit candles in the room. As they were talking, he revealed to her that he is not in love and felt that he should not rushing into it. (You say she’s just a friend, we should see how this is going to play out with them).

3. Kirk receives the results of his DNA Test

While out with Benzino, he finds out the results of the DNA test for his son Carter. He had doubts that it was his son because he thinks that Rasheeda was messing around while they were separated. The results are in and he is in fact the father. (Ladies, here’s some advice don’t be with a man that have doubts about you and your child).

4. Bambi finds out if she’s pregnant or not

She discovers that she is late, so she went to a drugstore to get a pregnancy test. She discovers that she might be in fact pregnant. This is one thing that Scrappy and Bambi are not really prepared for. He tells the news to Momma Dee and she told him that she is going to lighten up on her. (Ladies always remember, don’t sleep with a man that doesn’t love you)

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-Matia (@ms_hip_hop)