This is the episode worth watching

This past Monday was the season premiere of the hit show, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, we were introduced to a new cast member: Tammy Rivera (who is the fiance of rapper Waka Flocka Flame). We were also once again reunited with our favorites Joseline and Stevie J, Mimi & Nikko, Erica, Scrappy & Bambi, Ariane, Kirk & Rasheeda, and of course Momma Dee.

Tod, Our favorite Karlie Redd is back but with a new rapper Yung Joc.

Her Source gives you the breakdown of the moments from the moments that made us shake our heads.

1. Scrappy is still texting Erica 

While out enjoying himself, he called Erica to see if she could meet with him. They both ask each other about their new relationship and he regrets them not being together. He admits in his confessional that it hurts for him to see her with another person. (This is one rule among both men and women when you’re in a new relationship, never continue the communication unless you have a child together.)

2. Stevie J discovers the news about Mimi’s sex tape

When Stevie J is still reeling from the post marital/Stevie birthday party, Joseline and Stevie talk about the gift that she received from Mimi. He shows Joseline a picture of Mimi having sex with Nikko on camera and this is not the news that he wanted to hear about his daughter’s mother. (We are siding with Stevie on this situation because what man wants to see the mother of their child being exposed to the world. )

3. Yung Joc is caught taking a body shot

While at the strip club, Karlie caught her boyfriend rapper Yung Joc taking a body shot off a stripper’s body and this did not sit well with her at all. She tells him that they need to live together and he tells her that the Realtor called him to announce that they got the house.  She insists that his body part smells like a woman every time he comes home and he ended up laughing in her face. He believes that she is too extra when it comes to being around other women. (Ladies here’s a tip, if a man laughs in your face after you caught him in a lie, you don’t deserve that man). 

4. Mimi and Nikko sign a deal for the tape

Both Mimi and Nikko fly out to California to see the same company that released the Kim Kardashian’s and Ray J’s sex tape; ultimately they both signed a deal that is worth millions. Mimi is really thought hard about this decision because of her daughter, but she still ended up signing the deal. (Never sell your soul to the devil, no matter how much you need money). 

5. Kirk swabs his son for DNA test 

While watching his son at home, Kirk still has doubts that Carter is his, so he brought a DNA test from a drugstore. He swabs Carter and himself.  (This is not example of Father of The Year). 

6. Stevie confronts Nikko about the tape

Stevie approaches Nikko, while he was coming out of the gym and talked about the sex tape, concerned about the welfare of his daughter. He even threatened to find out the truth behind the leak, but Nikko told him that he made a deal for it. (Stevie has the right to protect the welfare of his daughter). 

Tune in Monday to see the DNA results of Baby Carter at 8 pm on VH1.

-Matia (@ms_hip_hop)