Jay Z

According to Billboard.com, Producer Chancey Mahan was questioned by LAPD after he allegedly tried to sell some of Jay Z’s master recordings.

Mahan, who worked with Jay Z from 2008-09, allegedly told Roc Nation employees that he would auction off the master recordings unless they gave him $100,000 cash. They reportedly settled on $75,000.

When Mahan went to retrieve the recordings, which are worth between$15-$20 million, from storage he was reportedly stopped and questioned by LAPD. But he wasn’t  arrested. According to Mahan, LAPD were contacted by Jay Z.

The recordings will be kept by LAPD until a judge decides who they belong to.

Last night, Just Blaze–producer of some of Jay Z’s most heralded records, and the man responsible for replacing Chauncey Mahan after Mahan’s work and attitude began slacking, took to Twitter to provide some personal insight on the story.






Darryl Robertson (@darryl_robertson)