We are so lucky to have a whole month to take time out to recognize and appreciate all the strong, talented, and intelligent women in our history that helped shape society today. In the early 1800s Women were second-class citizens. They were only expected to direct their interest into the home, and family. Women weren’t encouraged to have careers, or to pursue education. In the late 1800s the women’s rights movement began. Women took a stand, organize groups, fought and protested for their rights. The fight lasted over 70 years. In 1978 the board of education in California established a women’s history week. Over the year’s school districts, organizations and communities discovered it. In 1980, president Jimmy Carter was the first to declare the week of March 8th national women’s history week. The project was petitioned and got out to congress and the event was expanded until the whole month of March.

Take the time out to celebrate the women who have impacted your life!


– Asada Nicome ( @Sadablu )