Old Hollywood meets grungy street-art

If you are not familiar with street artist Dain, his art mostly composed of pop-art and graffiti has been the talk of the art town lately. Apparently, Dain has been creating street art since the 1940’s, and he has remained true to his vision ever since. According to an old Elle interview, he explains that his art technique consists of a “mixture of collage, silkscreen, spray paint and writing“. He teamed up with a new art gallery Folioleaf in Dumbo, Brooklyn for his upcoming art exhibit. The exhibit is scheduled to open up to the public on April 3, 2014. On the Folioleaf website, he has already began selling a silkscreen art piece titled “Streets Of SoHo“, starting from $300. I predict that he will be in art textbooks within the next decades, so $300 for a piece of his art work is a steal, if you ask me.

For me it is not so much about the beauty of a particular actress. Fame, celebrity status and beauty all disappear over time. What I love about the old black and white films or photos was that you tried to fill in the emptiness that was there. My mother always said that ‘todays women leave nothing to the imagination’ … I think often that is so true..“-Dain

Image via Folioleaf.com

Pia Fergus (@createdbypia)