burgers, five guys, fries, food, secret, menuThe secret is out

Remember when we revealed the McDonald’s secret menu? Well now we have the Five Guys secret menu.

Five Guys, is a fast casual restaurant chain focused on hamburgers, hot dogs, and French fries that are in over 2000 locations as of early this year. If you haven’t been to one, drop everything and head over and grab yourself something. When it comes to burgers and getting it fast, Five Guys is the spot (if only it was open late nights on weekends).

The first thing you need to know before going to there is that you shouldn’t go there if you have any peanut allergies. Not only do they fry the fries in peanut oil but they also have boxes upon boxes of peanuts surrounding the tables that you are free to shell and enjoy while you wait for your order. They offer burgers with one patty or two and you can get a wide range of different toppings on it. They offer both regular fried and Cajun fries which are fried to perfection.

As far as the secret menu they offer 4 items that are generally accommodated. Check out the items on the slides below.