kanye-westHurry up with my damn croissants.

The words Kanye West and ridiculous seem to go hand and hand. Whether he is in the middle of a ridiculous rant or being ridiculously brilliant in his execution of a new project or visual such as the new Air Jordans collab with Donda. For a man like Yeezy, the finer things in life are a daily norm at this point.

Luxury cars, homes, clothes and so on have all become a very “basic” essentials of Yeezus. Want Kanye to not rant about how your greenroom does not have the answers than you should definitely stock these items. Below are Kanye West’s dressing room essentials. While croissants are not on the list there are many items on there you’ll be surprised are. Maybe some of these items are on deck while working with Chief Keef.