mcdonalds, chicken, nugget, revealed, contents,McDonald’s ends the beef on their chicken nugget.

For a while now McDonald’s has been under a false umbrella in the topic of what is inside their chicken nuggets. One web-rumor that gained a lot of movement was the idea that the chicken nuggets, which hit restaurants in 1979 were made from “pink goop”, an unidentified mix of ingredients that resulted in a slushy pink mess that the internet said would get colored, flavored, and fried.

While there is evidence that McDonald’s did at one point use “pink poop” for their nuggets, since 2003 they reinvented the nugget and this time wanted to take no chances in the eyes of the consumer. Unfortunatly the picture circulating online has left ever lasting impressions in peoples mind and McDonalds wants to break those impressions at all cost. Check out the video below to see what really goes into the McNugget today. It might surprise you.

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